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Registration is Officially Open!

The National JBQ Festival website is now open for Team Registration. Go to our web site and then read how teams qualify. If you do qualify, click on the registration button and follow the instructions. You will first pay and then receive a link for all the team information. You are not registered until you have done both.

And this year something brand new is now being added to the Festival! We have been asked about one person teams but were unable to accomplish that. However, this year we will now have indIvidual quizzing. You can read on our website how you qualify for this. Kids that register for this will get two fun days of quizzing with other kids and will also receive a shirt and patch. Additionally, we will crown the winning individual champ and recognize the top 10 kids from this. You cannot do both. Read the qualifications guidelines for who is eligible for this by clicking here.


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Melissa Barney
Melissa Barney
Apr 19, 2021

Is there a deadline for district champs to register by? There hasn't been an info posted regarding this.

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